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gut microbiome insights beyond the norm

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We determine the right conditions to settle a new species into an existing community, or remove an existing one.
We understand how personal dietary changes can help the good bacteria in an individuums gut and drive out the bad ones.
We identify underlying metabolic differences in patient cohorts which can be integral to the design of a treatment strategy.

About Metabolyzer

Metabolyzer represents the next step in human gut microbiome analysis. We are developing a range of services that will provide precise metabolic insights on the basis of amplicon or shotgun metagenome sequencing data. Based on more than twenty years of research, our digital metabolism approach translates the microbial crosstalk on a molecular level enabling a mechanistic understanding of the processes underlying an individual’s response to pre-biotics and changes in diet. We are primarily targeting human gut microbiome businesses who want to make sure that they get the most of their data.